Joy Factory Passes the Torch

Joy Factory Films has been at the top of the wedding video game in Kamloops and the Okanagan for many years now. They’ve filmed wedding videos all over, from Sun Peaks to Vernon to Hawaii! (See a Joy Factory wedding film here) As employees at Joy Factory, Liam and I have had many amazing experiences filming weddings. Nathan, the owner of Joy Factory, has decided to step back from filming weddings. This past season was our last summer filming weddings as Joy Factory.

Here are some words from Nathan:

“After ten summers of working between ten and 13 hours most Saturdays, it’s time to retire from wedding films. I’m so thankful for the amazing brides and grooms that took a chance on hiring Joy Factory, especially when my early shooting style could easily be described as spray and pray, which I suppose is why were only paid $200 for our first ever film. With the company and people continuing to evolve, it only makes sense to hand over the reins to those who still have the drive, determination, and willingness to never take a vacation in the summer. I’m proud to announce, if you haven’t heard already, that Josef and Liam have started Bella Wedding Films, which will immediately fill the void left by Joy Factory – same people, same cameras, same amazing quality. I’m going to miss catching myself smiling along while the couple radiates pure joy and happiness, doing weird things to get the shot I envisioned, the tear I tend to shed when the parents’ speech hits all the right notes, and constantly whistling the song from the last wedding we edited while being excited about how the current one’s going to turn out. I’ll miss explaining to people that I was holding a video camera so they’d stop posing, or the bride telling us, “You made the day easy. We hardly noticed you were there!” – which is the biggest compliment a videographer could ever receive, the random laughs we’d have throughout the day, and the moment at every wedding when you got the shot that made you know the edit was going to be a great one. Most of all though, I’m going to miss the amazing people – the vendors that quickly became friends, the ones you knew the wedding was going to be great when they were involved. To all those people, thank you. Thank you for making the long day seem a bit shorter and a bit more bearable, especially the photographers, working side by side for hours on end, staging the shots for us to capture to form a well-oiled machine… sometimes. Lovelovelove”

Nathan Froese, Owner of Joy Factory Films

We’d like to formally thank Nathan for giving us the opportunity to meet so many awesome couples and hone our skills for what’s to come. Thanks Nathan! (formally)

What’s next?

“Oh my gosh! What happens now?!” you ask? Heyo! That’s where we come in! Bella Wedding Films is filling the gap left by Joy Factory. Not only are we delivering the same quality, we plan to build on it and elevate the wedding videography game in Kamloops. Slip on your high heels and tighten your suspenders. Let’s film some weddings!

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